A-DEUS offers a scalable pathway to decarbonising energy generation and is committed to CO2 reduction.

We replace dirtier fossil fuel power generation and are building a smart energy network where energy can be generated cleanly and cheaply in one location, then stored and delivered to subscribers for power, heating, cooking and transport. A-DEUS' next generation hydrogen based distributed energy network drives down prices and transitions to zero carbon emissions by sharing microgeneration resources.

The A-DEUS network, unlike a typical power network, is comprised of a coupled power segment and a heating segment both of which utilise distributed energy resources (hardware and software) to deliver high efficiency and utilisation, essential for ever lower prices.

Collectively A-DEUS operates like a Virtual Energy Power Plant, using cloud-based software to aggregate and operate the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) collectively to deliver energy supply on demand while minimising operating cost and maximising revenue and network efficiency.

Our compact distributed energy resources (DERs) are microgeneration and renewable heating initiative scheme certified, and occupy a very small amount of space.

Adeus Fuel Cell

We use market-leading, highly efficient technology. The fuel cell generator, Micro Combined Cooling, Heat And Power System (mCCHP), separates natural gas into carbon and hydrogen. It is clean, quiet and easily re-fuelled by the A-DEUS team. One fuel cell device is sufficient for most homes, but for larger developments or businesses these can be scaled up to increase capacity.